Tennis Sydney Clay Court 2011 Winners

Final Results

The Clay Court doubles tournament 2011 final results have now been posted on the website. Click Results on the menu board above to view it and other results.

The final results for each group are as follows:

Borg – Final
[AUS] Mervin Dizon
[AUS] Mario Queddeng
[GBR] Declan Bailey
[AUS] Lc Teh
Courier – Final
[AUS] Steven Thorne
[AUS] Riccardo Cristiani
[FRA] Raffi Cortanyan
[USA] Ross Scheepers
Lendl – Final
[AUS] Simon Graham
[AUS] Huy Pham
[AUS] Dean Matterson
[AUS] Brian Wilson
Nadal – Final
[AUS] Russell Hall
[AUS] Hayden Frawley
[AUS] Jason Craigie
[AUS] Geoff Daus

For the comprehensive results, click here.

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up, and also a huge thank you to all those who participated to make it enjoyable! Thank you to everyone who helped out with this competition and to all the players who took part.  And especially to Dean Matterson who organised the tournament planner entry, Brendan Moore, Geoff Daus and Stephen Cashen, among others. 

We thank you all for making it a success. Thank you for your continued support and for making it fun as well as a competitive competition.

Tennis Sydney’s next event, the Mid-Week Competition –  Winter 2011, will start on 26 May.

We look forward to seeing you back on court then.