Mid-Week Comp - Summer 2011 - Division 3 Review



Upcoming Drama on the tennis court 

Division 3 Summer Comp 2011 saw a lot of pass kissing: way too much topspin grinding; an inordinate percentage of drama queens; and the occasional screamer. Meanwhile, on court, there were borderline decisions, fairy floss lobs, a lot of ‘dritto fatales’ – please ask your Italian friends and don’t blush – and tiger tenacity of the rainbow variety each Wednesday.

The semi-finals came down to

 (1)   James Nicholson & Oscar Modesto v (4) Geoffrey Burke & Ray Lance

 (2)   Ramon Supit & Matus Rajnoha v (3) Riccardo Cristiani & Kirk Newey

Four very strong teams throughout the competition but not without their own Achilles’ heels, flats and pumps. It will be tough tennis to the end.

While the whole comp has been played by every team with a great spirit of fun and competition the most revealing part has been the definitive answer to an age old question.

All in Division 3 can now attest that Bert & Ernie are definitely gay.

A special thanks to Brendan for being a terrific division captain and thanks also to the sub players and our loyal supporters.

Watch this space for the final results and corisan* until next time. 

* A division 3 expression meaning hit hard, hit well, hit fair.