Mid-Week Comp - Summer 2011 - Division 2 Review

gossip_girlwhite_stripesGossip Abounds

So dear readers……to the glamour and grunt that continues to sum up the contests on Thursday night in Division Two. Admittedly the emphasis is probably on grunt but there’s been some incredible battles fought under the lights for the glory that awaits the winner.  We’re at the so called pointy end of a fantastic competition so without further hesitation let me catch you up on the recent action.

Rumours abound as to the short sighted, perhaps pessimistic approach from Jarrod and Brian who, after some fantastic results could not make the semi finals and had to pull out – insert your own joke here! Some say that Milan fashion week made them an offer they couldn’t refuse whilst others say that Barry Humphries (Dame Edna) might be retiring and they are auditioning to fill the void. Needless to say one man’s loss is another’s gain and there were three teams considering what size the brown envelope should be to secure the vacant semi final position. Divastation behave like a true ladies on court and have showed a grit and determination that has seen them sashay into the fourth spot. Hot and Bothered had beaten them 3-1 in the penultimate week and demolished Bring It On in the final week (who were also in contention) but alas, it was to no avail and they remain very, very Hot and Bothered.

The Offensive Orientals (aka Bryce and Kevin) secured third spot and played the Sushi Spring Rolls (aka Huy and Tsukasa) in the first semi final. Huy hasn’t dropped a set on singles during the competition and after another notch is his belt and the first doubles victory, it was looking good. However, the fat lady didn’t sing and the Offensive Orientals lived up to their name by digging deep and winning the last two sets to pull the rabbit out the bag and win on games. The crowd was stunned and the Offensive Orientals get to relax and prepare the upcoming final next week.

Bold and Beautiful (aka Paul and Owen) handed out a few lessons along the way to finish kings of the castle although several fans have submitted several letters of disappointment that Owen has not produced an outfit to rival the silver dress and trainers that he graced the courts with at Mardi Gras. So, the second semi final began and Divastation were hot out of the blocks to take a 2-1 lead when the lights went out, literally. Speculation in the press is rampant as to what will happen next. Will there be a replay, is just the last set to be completed, will I ever win the lottery?
So my dear readers, remember you heard it here first. On the QT and very, very hush, hush.*
* LA Confidential reference.