Mid-Week Comp - Summer 2011 - Division 1 Review



All the Tennis Stars are Here

When the draw for Division 1 was released way back in late January, it was seemingly tough to predict which teams would do well this season.  There were pairings of seasoned veterans (?!) like Hayden ‘Vera’ Frawley & Ian ‘Lindsay’ Clark, Hoshio ‘Anke’ Kaneko & Matt ‘Maria’ Rankin, Sean ‘Mary’ Whelan & Peter ‘Kim’ Wright and Ben ‘BJK’ Alfred & Craig ‘Frankie’ Hunt.


There were also newly formed teams of Warren Dunn & Paul Kwon, Nathan Kelly & Michael Sugg, Chris Leonard & Duddy Apriadi, Russell ‘Joanne’ Hall & Nick ‘Amy’ Cole and Matt ‘Caroline’ Coin & Tyrone ‘Daniela’ Andres.

After the first few weeks, the table started to take shape. As the rounds continued, three teams drew away from the other six. The top team of Caroline Wozniacki and Daniela Hantuchova made it through to the Semi Finals without dropping a round. The other two teams who qualified outright for the Semi Finals were Billie-Jean King & Madamoiselle Frankie Durr and Joanne Russell and Amy Frazier.

The final spot was up for grabs between five of the other teams. In the last week of round robin, both “2Stroke – Oil For Men” (Nathan & Michael) and “Slip & Slide” (Warren & Paul) both their rounds 4 sets to love. However, already being one point ahead, Nathan and Michael qualified for the last Semi Final spot and would meet No $tring$ Attached (Caro & Dani). The other Semi Final was between ‘Cookies & Cream’ (BJK & Frankie) and ‘Whatisityoucantface?’ (Joanne & Amy).

*** For an explanation of ‘Whatisityoucantface?’, please click here for a hilarious YouTube clip from Sound of Music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EePtIkuy5lg

In the Semis – Caro & Dani prevailed over Nathan and Michael, 3 sets to 1. N$A managed to win both doubles, 6/2 and Caroline kept her undefeated streak up with a 6/1 over Nathan while Michael broke late to defeat Daniela.

In the other Semi-Final, ‘Cookies & Cream’ and ‘Whatisityoucantface?’ split the doubles AND the singles sets and ended up with equal sets and games. The tie had to be replayed on the Tuesday before the final, in what turned out to be a very tense encounter!

After another round where both teams split the doubles AND the singles rubbers, ‘Whatisityoucantface?’ edged out ‘Cookies & Cream’ with 18 games to 13, after an impressive 6-0 win to Joanne and Amy in one of the doubles and the other being decided in a tie-break.

This sets up what is seemingly an epic final, especially since Caroline and Joanne are yet to meet and have both remained as the only undefeated players this season. Can.Not.Wait.

A huge thank you to all the participants in Division 1 this season and also to the guest appearances from James ‘Sam Stosur’ Bodonyi, Ian ‘Renata Tomanova’ Carthew, David ‘Manuela Maleeva’ Bourke, Shane ‘Chris Evert Lloyd Norman Evert’ Fawcett, Ben ‘Andrea Temesvari’ Tari, Geoff ‘Steffi Graf’ Daus and Corrie ‘Amanda Coetzer’ Scheepers.

Special mention goes to our Caroline Wozniacki, who made her first and probably only appearance on the Slims Tour. Caro aka Matt, will be returning to the States to pursue a career as a Home Shopping Network Host. We wish her the best. She may be bad, but she was perfectly good at it.