Mid-Week Comp - Summer 2011 - Division 4 Review

 eiffel_towerwhite_stripesGET ME TO PARIS

The only three certainties in life are death, taxes and the fact that Get Me To Paris On Time are destined for a spot in Division Four’s semi finals.  Aided by the fact that Warwick remains undefeated in his singles encounters, he and Tim could lose all upcoming sets and remain ranked in the top four teams. Their continuing reign of terror as the number one ranked pair is, however, by no means a foregone conclusion. There are two weeks of sweat, blood and tears left before we reach the semi-final stage and, with the Bastards and Horror Story only two points behind, anything could happen. Like Warwick, Gavin from Horror Story has yet to lose a singles match, while the rest of us have all experienced the rancid taste of defeat at least once.

With the top three teams in a seemingly unassailable situation, it’s going to be a real bitch fight and slapfest to claim the coveted fourth spot and its accompanying ticket to the semi-finals. There are a whopping five teams in contention; Strangers with Candy, Redfern Angels, PRN, R &R and the Tantrum Twins, and only two points separates them all! Rob and Ross, Mark and Quoc and Stephen and myself have the slight edge, being on 18 points and having already had our byes. But Linda and Justin, and Andrew and Paul have been known to come up the rear and pull it off many a time before…

Only a few points further behind, lie the Roslyn Ralliers, Heartbreak High and Sister Sledge and special thanks needs to go out to the competition’s reserves for their efforts, often with little warning.Steven C, Guillaume, Adrian L and Kritsada have all been tough fighters. With eight points still up for grabs, no team’s final ranking is a certainty and nobody can afford to let their guard down.

After nine weeks of fabulousness, glamour and excitement, the penultimate round is only one day away. The rumour mill has been on overdrive…did Rob really topple over in his stillettos and sprain his ankle? Will the Tantrum Twins live up to their name and throw a dummy spit on court? Will Linda finally break the world record for the loudest ever solo grunt? All will be revealed as round nine (confusingly taking place in week 10) gets underway tomorrow!

Daniel Crew