2011 Annual General Meeting



1.   Appointment of Chairperson
This shall normally be the President, unless the President chooses not to chair, then the Vice-President will chair.

2.   Recording of Attendance and Determination of a Quorum

3.   Minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting

Matters arising from Minutes: Chair invites discussion

Motion 1: It is moved that the Minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting be accepted.

4.   Tennis Sydney Committee Reports

·         President’s Report

·         Treasurer’s Report

Motion 2: It is moved that Committee reports and accounts be accepted

5.   Election of Office Bearers

·         President
·         Vice-President
·         Secretary
·         Treasurer
·         Ordinary Committee Members

Motion 3: It is moved that the newly elected committee be accepted

6.   Other Business

The Presidents Report, the Financial Statement for 2010, Minutes from 2010 AGM, Committee Nomination and Proxy forms will be posted on our website at www.tennissydney.org.au/

Nomination forms can be completed and submitted on the day of the AGM.

Please note that all nominees must be financial members of the club in order stand for the committee, nominate and second candidates, and vote at or move motions at the AGM.

Leanne Spencer
Tennis Sydney Inc.