2011 Summer Competition


Hello Everyone

Australia’s Summer of Tennis is well and truly upon us and Tennis Sydney is hoping that you are feeling inspired and ready to get back on court in 2011. Entries are now open for our Summer mid-week competition CLICK HERE

The Summer comp will follow the same format as our Spring 2010 comp. Each team will still consist of 2 players with 2 doubles matches and 2 singles matches being played on the night. In the singles the number 1s from each team will play each other, as will the number 2s from each team. Each entrant must nominate their own partner rather than having the Committee decide on the pairings. There will be between 9 and 11 teams in 4 or 5 divisions, depending on entry numbers. The Committee will attempt to place each team in their preferred division, however as you can appreciate, this is not always possible.

The competition will be played Wednesday and Thursday nights at Parklands, Moore Park and Camperdown, chiefly because of availability of courts and proximity to our members.

The comp will run from 2/3 February to roughly 20/21 April, depending on washouts and the final team numbers for each division. We apologise that we can’t confirm team numbers at this time but it is unavoidable. We need to finalise entry numbers before that can happen.

Entry fee is $150 per person The preferred method of payment is via PayPal. Alternatively you can deposit money by electronic bank transfer into the Tennis Sydney bank account but your entry will not be confirmed until the funds have appeared in the account.

Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 062-155

Account Number: 28031049

Account Name: Tennis Sydney Inc

Customer Ref: Your name or mobile number

Alternatively you can also call into any branch of the Commonwealth Bank and pay cash or cheque into the above account.

Unfortunately numbers are limited so please enter asap to avoid disappointment.

Cheers. Happy hitting!

Russell Hall

Competition Coordinator