2010 Spring Competition Div 3 Review

Competition Review

Division 3 

The new concept this year’s Spring competition has been a terrific success in all grades with very close match’s week in week out – Division 3 was no exception.

Congratulations to Russell Hall who came up with the idea and to our wonderful hard working committee who embraced and supported it.

This is my opportunity to say from the rank & file thank you publicly to Brendan, Dean, Geoff & all the guys on the committee for providing us with a wonderful year of tennis, they devote a lot of their free time to ensure we can enjoy our game.

What a fitting Final it was, splendid quality tennis by both teams with only a couple of games separating the two teams in the end – as evidence of the growing level and support and interest in the club I think I counted 17 people watching Edward & Bill Tran bash it out in their singles – the support in Division 2 & 4 was no exception

The Final between certainly the most consistent side in the comp Geoff Burke & Edward Alimin versus the guys who literally stormed home to get in the final Peter Vellonio & Bill Tran and what worthy finalist they were – in the end 2 sets all and only 3 games separating them.

Geoff & Edward after being 2 sets up after a very good first up Doubles win followed by an outstanding singles win by Geoff who I must say plays an impeccable game of tennis, Peter though made Geoff fight for all his shots & is really starting to show us the form of last comp, Peter’s confidence is lifting and he played some sensational shots on this night,

Bill Tran who only lost 1 singles game all season (extraordinary) saved his best match to last and placed his side back into the contest with arguably the best singles match in Division 3 all year, Edward though should feel very proud of his effort here, this was a highly entertaining, hard hitting & quality match, it came down to the last doubles with Bill & Peter prevailing but the win wasn’t wide enough to secure the overall win

One of semi-finalist beaten last week by only 4 games were Jamie Parker and Andrew Patterson, they had a slow start to the comp but really gained momentum as the weeks went on and reached the semi on a count-back. Towards the end the comp Jamie started to get back his old form of past years and enjoyed a great semi-finals win last week in the singles against Edward, while Andrew played for every point in a tough tussle against Geoff Burke only to lose narrowly, Andrew is a very tough and consistent competitor.

The other semi-finalists beaten last week were Glen Fitzgerald & Ryan Chan – I personally thought this team looked the goods for the final but in the end  were beaten in a very close tussle. Glen had an outstanding comp and produced all the shots required to move up a grade. Ryan was dogged by injury and surprisingly, although he is a doubles specialist, the results did not go their way last week.

Coming in at 5th spot was Cuing Hoang and Steven Thorne – you certainly knew you played a match when you played these guys. Cuing is an exciting young player who pounded his way through many wins in the comp after a slow start. Stephen Thorne who stepped up a grade was somewhat of a giant killer and delivered the goods against more favoured opponents. The slow start cost this team a semi final berth.

Coming in next was the season’s front runners for a major portion of the comp, Tony Glennane & Raffia Courtenay. If you asked at the start of the season would this team be in the semis not too many people would have said no, but losses in the last few weeks had taken this team from 1st to 6th, an indication of the closeness of the comp. Tony has such a hard hitting game, while Raffia has all the shots – when he’s on song he is almost impossible to beat. A surprise result for this team.

Coming in next were an exciting young team – Anthony Yeoh and James Nicholson, they played their hearts out every match and were a pleasure for any team to play against. Anthony is Mr Perpetual Motion, just never stops running and actually smiles when he loses, one match he played against Geoff Burke lasted 1hr 10 minutes and what a match. James Nicholson won many but also lost so many close matches and was so unlucky in many of them, a little bit of luck would have seen this team in contention for the semi finals.

Matus Rajnoha & Ross Scheepers came in next, Matus has a history of many wins with Tennis Sydney in tournaments and mid-week comps, he has had better comps for sure, he came back Week 2 straight from holidays and had to wait to Week 6 before he had  a win in singles – I expect he will make us pay next comp – a terrific competitor, Ross Scheepers had some very good wins in his singles none better than the one against Edward Alimin in the last round.

Finally, Sandy Smith and Daniel Mickan took the wooden spoon, reminds me of my football days – it was hard for this team to get any rhythm with constant replacements, it was very difficult to win under these circumstances. As with Matus. I think Sandy will give us all curry next comp – look out!

Wonderful comp! Wonderful year! Wonderful people!

Thanks – it’s a pleasure to be part of such a terrific group of guys – Merry Xmas to you all.

Ray Lance

(Ray played in the competition with the eventual winner Geoff Burke but injury forced him out after completing half the competition. While part of the team the pair held the top spot on the table so ensuring that the team competed in the finals. As such he is part of the Div 3 winning team.)