2010 Spring Competition Div 4 review

Competition Review

Division 4

Hold on to your handbags, ladies, as the division 4 cat fighting could not be fiercer right now!  With two weeks left in draw, the race for a top spot and/or a semi final placement is, totally, down to the underwire!

That said, “sincere” congratulations go to Brendan/Rob, who have owned the top spot since round 1 and are currently on 21 points.  However, they are seriously going to have to watch their backless gowns with Mario and I (18) and Kevin/Gary (15) nipping at their high heels.  There are still 8 points up for grabs and the fight for Belles of the Ball is ON!

Frighteningly, an even cattier fight is on for a top 4 semi finalist placement.  The fur will be flying between Linda/Justin, Kris/Kirk,  Hendry/Paul, and Mervin/Daniel with scores of 14, 12, 11 and 10 respectively.  It’s going to get nasty!  If there’s not a “Showgirls” push down the stairs, I’ll be very surprised!

Bikini mud wrestling at the other end of the leader board are Adrian/Mike and Mark/Ross with 6 and 3 point respectively, it’s going to be dirty.  Hot, but dirty!

As for our wallflower singles table; special noteworthy purr-formances have risen from our two category leaders; Mario for not dropping a set (singles and doubles) and Rob for his undefeated singles performance (including a certain comeback from 2:5, that I still can’t talk about!)

Thanks to all our spring subs; Rudy, Jovanni, Richard and especially Quoc (who has now subbed 5 out of 7 nights!)

Whose mascara will be a mess at the end of the night?  Findout!  It’s game on bitches, in Division 4!