Our contribution to World AIDS Day

SUNDAY 5 December 2010

Please join us at Marrickville Districts Lawn Tennis Club on December 5 for Tennis Sydney’s 2010 Summer Doubles Classic. Enjoy strawberries and cream, a glass of refreshing Pimms from the Clubhouse, the smell of freshly mowed lawns, and for most of our members the opportunity to play on grass for the first time. The day will also double as a fundraiser for a worthy cause as our contribution to World AIDS Day.

The 1st December is internationally recognised as World AIDS Day to raise awareness in the community about HIV/AIDS issues, including the need for support and understanding for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The committee have decided that the money we raise from our 2010 Summer Doubles Classic fundraising event will be donated to Camp Goodtime at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

Camp Goodtime does not receive any government funding, instead they rely solely on fundraising events, sponsorship and donations.

Camp Goodtime

The Paediatric HIV Service at Sydney Children’s Hospital works with children and families living with HIV. It is the only service of its kind in Australia and provides medical management, psycho-social support, research, consultation and education.

Each year since 1990, the service has facilitated Camp Goodtime, the national camp for children and families living with HIV.

The aims of Camp Goodtime are to:

  • Facilitate communication between and within families living with HIV
  • Reduce the isolation experienced by these families
  • Provide a recreational and therapeutic environment where children and parents can share experiences with others in similar circumstances
  • Provide a venue where information about the medical, social and other aspects of HIV can be shared and where new ways of coping with the virus can be learned

Children are supervised by volunteers and spend their time participating in a range of fun activities, whilst parents participate in a workshop program. The whole camp comes together for important events such as a remembrance ceremony. The quilt project is also in attendance.

Positive Kids Camps

In addition to Camp Goodtime, a camp is held each year for HIV positive primary school aged children and another for HIV positive teens. These camps aim at teaching a new skill, increasing confidence, increasing HIV knowledge, providing support and fostering peer networks.

We hope that you can enter the tournament and enjoy our mini “Wimbledon” experience while at the same time raising much needed funds for a very worthwhile program.

We look forward to seeing you there

Brendan Moore