Spring Competition 2010

It’s just beginning to warm up outside which means its time to pick up your racquet and join us for our Spring Slims competition. You can enter now by clicking on this link:

To keep things fresh the Committee has decided to try a slightly different approach for the Spring Slims. Each team will still consist of 2 players with 2 doubles matches and 2 singles matches being played on the night. The respective number 1’s and 2’s will play each other in the singles.

In the interests of promoting healthy, even competition, the Committee will do the work for you in deciding who your partner will be. All you need to do is submit your entry and the Committee will aim to ensure that all 9 or 10 teams in each division are as evenly matched as possible. Many of you will be used to playing with the same person and you will get a chance to do that again in the future. For this comp we encourage you to give this new approach a go. We’re hoping for closer competition throughout the comp and some new faces at finals time (not that there’s anything wrong with the old ones!)

At this stage it looks as though we’ll be playing either Wednesday or Thursday night at Parklands, Moore Park or Camperdown, chiefly because of availability of courts and proximity to our members.

The comp will run from 22/23 Sep to roughly 1/2 Dec, depending on washouts and the final team numbers for each division. The number of teams will be decided once entries are closed, taking into account the number of courts available at our various locations.

Entry fee is $150 per person and the preferred method is via our website. Alternatively you can deposit money into the Tennis Sydney bank account but your entry won’t be confirmed until the funds have appeared in the account. Please email the committee at info@tennissydney.org.au if you would like to enter via bank deposit so we can give you the necessary details.

Unfortunately due to the number of courts available and the number of weeks remaining in 2010, the number of entries is limited. We suggest that you enter asap to avoid disappointment.

Cheers. Happy hitting!