Winter Competition Mid Season Update Div4

Hi All, Tim here with the mid season update for the hottest division at Virginia Slims – Division Four.  Seriously, not only is our division super hot, but so is the fight for the lead.

Week 7 of our comp has finally divided the pack…  formerly, at the end of week 6 we saw only three points dividing the top four players; Rudy, Peter, Adrian and Steven.  And only 7.5 points separating position 1 and 9

Week 7, however, erupted with the invincible power match-up of Steven and Peter, crushing all their opposition almost within an hour.

Our three tops are now Peter on 20 points, Steven on 17.5 and Rudy (who was on a wk7 bye) on 16.5.  Who will prevail?  Will it be Rudy and his wicked slice serve, Peter and his rockin’ power server or Steven’s steely, cool, calm?

Still, there is only 9.5 points separating position 1 and 9, so, the top 3 will need to hold on tight!  There are 4 nights remaining, and potentially 16 points still up for grabs, and Adrian (15) Ray (14)Hendry (13), Edip (12), Brendan (11.5), and Mario (10.5) are still poised to strike!

Meanwhile, it looks like Owen (5) and I (5) will be engaged in an equally competitive fight; battling out the bottom spot.  This end of the leader board will certainly be where the hottest action can be found.

Don’t miss a second of the Division 4 action!

Finally, on a private note, I’d like to thank all the boys of Division 4 for being so gorgeous and for making me so welcome at my Tennis Sydney Comp debut.