2010 Club Doubles Tournament

We were handed a brilliant sunny winter day with excellent playing conditions. It was nice to see many of the Tennis Sydney greats playing or turning up to support the event. Steffi, Vera, Ana, Dani, Jana, Evonne, Frankie etc were all competitive on court with celebrities such as Lindsay, Dinara, Gabby and Na Li spotted courtside. There were also plenty of new members who were there mixing it with the regulars and enjoying the Tennis Sydney hospitality.

As with any tournament there are always hard luck stories and teams who almost won and others who tried so hard and went down fighting. But at the end of the day the winners were the best on the day and earned their well deserved place on the Tennis Sydney Honour Roll.

Division 1    –     Champions  =   Hayden Frawley & Russell Hall

                        Runners Up =   Geoff Daus & Hoshio Kaneko

Division 2    –     Champions  =   Kerstin Kothrade & Liz Yeo

                        Runners Up =   Michael Sugg & Peter Longauer

Division 3    –     Champions  =   Eric Finlay & Darren Marsh

                        Runners Up =   Brendan Moore & Geoff Burke

For a list of full results click on this link:

A special mention to the various ‘supporters and volunteers’ who helped out on the day and made this event possible.