Winter Competition 2010 Draw



Welcome to the Virginia Slims Winter Circuit 2010
The competition will commence:
Wednesday 16th June – Div 2 & 4
Thursday 17th June: – Div 1 & 3
All divisions will play at Parklands Tennis Centre, Moore Park.
Please take some time to read below as it contains all the rules and contact numbers which you may find useful during the competition.
The competition will commence each night at 8.00pm sharp so players are asked to turn up no later than 7.50pm to ensure that the evening’s play starts and finishes on time.
Two courts are allocated for each Division. Each team will play 4 sets each night as per the Draw.  Download a copy of the Draw here.
All sets shall be the first to 6 with a tie-break at 5-5.
The order of merit will be based on the total number of sets won. In the event of a tie the player with the better game win/loss ratio will be deemed the higher placed player.
To ensure that all sets are played in the 2.5 hrs time limit the SHORT DEUCE RULE will be enforced.
If a set is not completed both teams share the point (half a set each) regardless of the score at the time.
All competitors must be current members of Tennis Sydney. Membership costs $50 a year.
All players shall be bound by the Rules and Regulations as laid down by the Committee of Tennis Sydney Inc.
You will only be allowed to hit up once at the start of the night. Once you have played a set you are NOT allowed to have another hit up. This must be adhered to as otherwise there may not be enough time for your division to complete their matches within the 2.5 hour time limit. Your initial hit up must be a maximum of 5 minutes.
Div 1            Geoff Daus               0457 301 476  geoffrey.daus@bigpond.com
Div 2            Dean Matterson        0422 008 157  dean_matto@hotmail.com
Div 3            Matus Rajnoha         0406 541 623  mat.rajnoha@gmail.com
Div 4            Brendan Moore         0403 773 022  bcmoore@tpg.com.au
This is not negotiable and has been advised by the Parklands Club management.
The rules have changed in regard to finding a Substitute. You are responsible for organising your own replacements on those nights you are unable to play. Once you have found your substitute please email your division captain and let them know.
To help you find a substitute we recommend the following:
1) Ask the person who has the bye in your division to fill in.
2) We have a list of players who may be available to substitute and we will be placing this list on the website.
3) Div 1, 2 & 3 can ask a person from a lower division as the division directly below you will be playing their comp on a different night and therefore may be available.
Please make arrangements as early as possible in the week as it can be difficult to organise a reserve at short notice. Also you should advise your Division Captain if you have problems obtaining a replacement. If you do not make every effort to obtain a replacement you will be held responsible and you will not receive any points on the night.
If you have a Reserve playing for you, you will receive the score they obtain on the night, for the first two (2) times.  If you use a Reserve more than twice, you will score the minimum score that was obtained in
your division on the night (for each additional week you need a replacement).
Please keep in mind that the competition is also a social occasion, and that many people come along to have some fun and make new friends as well as the opportunity to play organised tennis in a safe and relaxed environment.

Good luck in the competition.