2010 Club Doubles Tournament

The Club Doubles Tournament draw is now available.


Please arrive at Parklands on Sunday 20th June at the following times:

Div 3 = 11.30 am start

Div 2 = 12.00 pm start

Div 1 = 12.45 pm start 

Please note on Sunday 20th June normal Sunday Social will not be held.



Matches will consist of one pro-set (First to 8 with a 2 game advantage and a tie break at 8-8). A match is won by the first player or team to win 8 games. A player must win by 2 games to win the match eg. 8-6 or 9-7. If the set becomes tied at 8, a tie breaker will determine the match. A tie break is won by the first person to reach 7 points with a two point advantage.

In the Round Robin event, the players or teams who will get through to the semi-finals (if scheduled), or the finals (if no semi-finals are scheduled), in each Round Robin Group shall be determined on the following basis in order of priority:

(a)   most sets won; then

(b)   highest ratio of games won/lost (if equal in ratio of sets won/lost).

(c)    If equal then head to head

Where semi-final matches are scheduled for a Round Robin event, the player or team who finishes first in each Round Robin group shall play the player or team who finishes second in the other Round Robin group.

In the event that a player withdraws during the Round Robin Rounds, all results against that player, whether they have been complete or not, will be excluded from the final tally for that Round Robin Group.

Normal Deuce ( advantage scoring) will apply, however the tournament director has the right to enforce No Advantage Deuce if the tournament is running behind schedule.