Summer Comp : Week 1 Update

Dear all,

So the Summer Comp is somewhat underway with Divisions 1, 2 & 3 playing their first rounds last night. I take it many of you have since entered your scores from last night.

With regards to Division 4’s first week, because of the confusion on the night and due to the fact that there was no official Tennis Sydney representative present on the evening to oversee the commencement, we’ve decided to use this week as a trial run. There were quite a few of the players who weren’t on hand due to varying reasons. So next week, Division four will start their comp using the following draw:

Week 1 – Team 5 Bye

                   1 v 3

                   2 v 4

                   6 v 9

                   7 v 8

Next week, Divisions 1, 2 & 3 will continue through to their 2nd week.

Attached is an updated draw.

A few of you have also asked if there will be any play over the Easter Week (Wed 31 Mar & Thu 1 Apr), I will put it to the players. If enough of you ask to have this week off, I am more than happy to postpone the schedule back one week to allow for people who intend to take leave or holidays over Easter.

Just email me back and let me know. Otherwise, if I only have less than 5 people who ask to have that week off, we’ll just go ahead and play the rounds so we can get it over and done sooner.

In some disappointing news, Mary Pierce (aka Sean Whelan) had to pull out of her 1st return match to the season with a pulled calf muscle. Mary was well on the way to bludgeoning the opposition last night, but her poor movement cost her and her team the round. Thank god Kim Clijsters (Peter Wright) managed to get over her dismal effort in the AUS Open against Shoulders Petrova to take two sets – 6/0, 6/1.

Below is a pic of Mary being consoled as she was removed from Court 13, Rockdale.