Thanks for the Mardi Gras tournament

Thanks to the organisers for making this year’s Mardi Gras Tournament a well-organised event.   The tent and the flags were a great idea, together with all the available food, drinks and the Wii competition.

I especially like to point out these few people among others that made this a great event this year:

– Brendan for his continual worrying about every aspect that made this a great tournament; 
– Dean for taking on board completely the running of the tournament;
– Steve for taking on board completely the running of the BBQ;
– Dick & Steve for providing the hot refreshments and helping out;
– Tyrone for that wonderful idea and contribution of Wii competition albeit the public enthusiasm for Whitney is waning;
– Michael & Daniel for helping out with the tournament software and their valuable outsider’s perspective which will help us plan for future tournaments.

Once again, a heart-felt thanks to you guys.