Website update

Added features currently being tested:

1.  Result Submission Form.  It is intended that in future midweek competitions, the winning team for that night is to submit the results/score via the website.  A Result Submission Form is being put in place for this purpose.

2.  Bulletin Board.  A bulletin board is set up for paying members to post their notes. You can use this bulletin board to post your invites, your requests, etc. You can limit viewing of individual post to the public, registered people or paying members.

3.  Online Chat.  An online chat is currently being tested for paying members only.  There is a limit of up to five person chatting in the room at the same time.  You can have private and public chat within the room but this uses the same chat-window:-  When you are in private chat, the name of the person you are chatting to appears next to your name, and your chat message and theirs are coloured.  When you are in public chat, only your name appears and the  chat message is in black.  At the moment, all previous chat messages can be viewed by all but there is also an option to start a new session with an empty chat-window.

All these features are in a new menu called Test Menu.  Only paying members can see this Test Menu.

You are welcome to test these features and we like your input.