Website Update Dec 2009

This is an update on the website.

1)   There are three categories of people who can use this website – public, registered people, and members.  Registered people do not have to pay but they need to register to view more of the website.  This category also included lapsed members. 
Current up-to-date members are given full rights. 
The levels of viewing are governed by setting the rights on the articles and also by having invisible/visible menu items on MyMenu.

The following table gives a summary of these rights.

Public Registered Members
General area Cool Cool Cool
Honour Rolls Cool Cool
Competition draws Cool Cool
Hall of fame Cool Cool
Leaderboard Results Cool
Authorship (to submit articles) Cool
Email connection to members Cool
Check other members’ profile Cool
Online chat to members Cool
Use Bulletin Board Cool

2)  To register,  go through the normal login/register button.  At the moment, registration merely ask for email, firstname, surname, contact number, username and password.

4)  Application to become a member is done online.  The payment of membership fee can be an offline banking transaction or online paypal transaction. 
For offline, Administrator needs to activate the membership once payment is received.  
For online, it should be activated automatically.

5)  Only a member can THEN subscribe to OTHER subscriptions e.g tournament fees.
At the moment, no shopping cart is available and member have subscribe for various subscriptions individually.

Things still to do:

1) articles to write
2) Paypal to be tested.

Please contact us with your feedback or suggestions