Winter Virginia Slims

The Winter ‘Virginia Slims’ Competition has been running since early 1995 and was started by Tennis Sydney’s grand dame, Francoise Durr aka Craig Hunt. 

The Winter ‘Virginia Slims’ Competition commences early June and is played on a week night (usually a Wednesday or Thursday) with play staring at 8pm and finishing 10.30pm.
It an individual competition – not a team competition.  Each division will be made up of 8-11 players and played as a doubles competition, you will team up with a different player each night in your division.
It will be based on the number of games won with the player with the highest number of games won to be the winner.
There is no singles component to this competition.
Play for divisions 2-4 will be at Parklands (courts dependant) and Division 1 should be playing at Rockdale Tennis Centre.
The fee per player will be calculated once all the entries have been received.  As a ball park estimate, last competition costs were between $110-155 depending on the size of your division.
4 divisions are available for entry and each team should specify their preferred division. Each entry will be subject to scrutiny by the grading committee and will be weighed against the number of entries for that division. It may not be possible for you to play the competition in your desired division and the decision of the grading committee will be final. Any change in desired division will be communicated to that team prior to the draw being published.
The competition will be available to members for entry in mid May.  A link for online entry will be posted here closer to the date.