Tennis Sydney runs three regular mid-week competitions each year. 

Summer ‘fixed team’ Competition (commencing January)

Winter ‘swingers’ Competition (commencing June)

Spring ‘weighted pairs’ Competition (commencing October)

Amazon Tennis also run regular women’s mid-week competitions on Monday nights at Cintra Park Concord.

Each competition lasts approximately 9 – 11 weeks including semis and final with the format of each varying between rotational and fixed-team format.

We cater for all standards from beginner, intermediate, to advanced.  The competition is fun, but remains competitive with the tension rising as we reach the semis and the finals. The competitions are played at a variety of venues including Parklands Tennis Centre, Sydney Centre for Tennis Camperdown, Eastcourts Kingsford, Matraville Sports Centre, Marrickville District Lawn Club and  Moore Park Tennis Centre.

Details for all competitions including entry forms, rules, draws, and results are posted on this website approx 1 month prior to the commencement of each mid-week comp.