Midweek Night Virginia Slims

Our regular midweek night competition the ‘Virginia Slims Tour’ has been running since early 1995 and was started by Tennis Sydney’s grand dame, Francoise Durr aka Craig Hunt. In that first season there were 16 players in 2 divisions. In February 2008 we had 83 players across 4 divisions in our Summer comp. Play is scheduled on either Wednesday or Thursday nights depending on the division.

We generally run three competitions per year (Summer, Winter & Spring) over both rotational and fixed-team format. Each competition is run over approximately 13 weeks including semis and final.

We cater for all standards from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. The competition is fun, but remains competitive with the tension rising as we reach the semis and the finals.

You will meet many famous tennis stars from yesteryear and today, huffing and puffing their way around the courts. Keep an eye out for stalwarts Frankie Durr, Chris Evert-Lloyd, Mrs L W King, Rosie Casals, Margaret Osborne DuPont, Miss Renata Tomanova, Hana Mandlikova, and Margaret Court amongst others! We also have the young guns such as Miss Graf, Miss Seles (both pre- and post-stabbing!) Elena Dementia, Maria Sharapova, Jana Novotna, the feisty Jennifer Capriati and a resurgent Martina Hingis.

The base for the Virginia Slims Tour is Parklands Tennis Centre at Moore Park and play usually starts at 8pm. Depending on the number of entries we have also be known to take the Tour to others venues such as Moore Park Tennis Centre (across the road) and the Illawarra Tennis Centre at Rockdale.